Pd Vince carter

Am I the Only one that feels like he’s slow as fuck

I kinda feel that way too. Mine even has a speed shoe

No he fast as ffffff…
Delete this

Telling me someone pay 2m for slow poke


Maybe he just feels slow in tto. Imma try him in mtu

He sucks?

I thought you loved Vince

Lmao B Roy shits all over both versions

But I’m still trying to bid on one to try out myself lol


That change quick

Trying to ground price once again?:joy:


I payed 800k :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::dash::dash::dash::dash::dash::dash::ear_of_rice::eyes::ear_of_rice:

lol Trying to get a lower price… Nice.

Same with wht I’m hearing , heard big richy say on stream that Limited Vince is not worth the upgrade from the Amy , apparently the Amy is more consistent

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I dont Understand the drexler hype that dudes is hot fucking garbage juice like fucking Uber stupid trash and I had Him like 9 of him I also have limited Roy and Gilbert who they’ve seemed to nerf the only limited holding playable value is Kareem right now I gotta See ya the post launch patches on Vince cause they’re coming

that’s a you problem. clyde is life.


Wtf really comparable to the Amy? Ughh

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Clyde is 73k… om2kg.

And why the hell would anyone listen to “amy being more consistent than diamond”.
That’s like the most anecdotal evidence ever.

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Best value as of now.
Him and Kawhi.

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Damn. From shams too.