PD Trae Young, Donovan Mitchell, and Zach LaVine

Most fun I’ve had in AGES. It’s basically what Steph SHOULD be. Fast release. Dimer. Etc.

Dont! I dont want his price to rise untill i get home lol. Looking for the fun guard

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I see you :eyes: trying to drive up the price of Trae young so you can sell him for more. How many did you pull? Real slick lol

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I appreciate positive, optimistic posts about shorter players. It’s refreshing.


My goal would be to try and win a game against lebron at the 1 lol. How much is he going for?

Actually, I packed one of the very first Mitchell’s. I used the proceeds to buy all 3 PDs.


Wow :open_mouth: touché how is Mitchell. I pulled one of the very first Trae Young’s and I’m just keeping the Mt for an elite center or SF soon to be released. I didn’t even try Trae Young and auctioned him immediately to maximize profit.

Haven’t touched Mitch or LaVine yet… I’ll test them out soon!

This Trae/Sabonis PnF is FROMAGE.

Jeez… Dimer to Dimer w/ quick releases…

I think ima give him a try as my backup pg

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You should. He’s amazing.

How much he going for on ps4?

All tree of these hoes still over 100k

And they deserve it. Donny is fast as lightning. LaVine is WET… Trae is WET like the OCEAN.

3 great cards.

Any idea for shoes on Trae?