PD Token Rewards Gameplay?

PD Token Rewards Gameplay?

If anyone can drop links of gameplays of Alex English or Jerry West or George Gervin that would be dope. Any other pd reward gameplays would be great too. Thanks

Gervin gets to the basket.

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Does he have somewhat of an outside shot

No, he’s really one dimensional, he can’t really dribble either. He just gets to the basket. He dunks on everyone.
Jerry West has a funky shot.
You can try them in freestyle 2ku

What do you mean by freestyle 2ku? Like you can play with the card itself or just the regular player in the rosters

They have the same animations. Same shot.
Go to the 2ku, there’s freestyle and go to the all time teams. Jerry West has the same shot, gervin feels completely the same. Baylor is the same.

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get PD IT he is sooo good especially with his blowby’s

think htb did one on gervin

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