Please guys I need a scorer on bench

Going to use diamond contract/shoe so gotta be really careful

Also please post your shoe&takeover here as advice if using Casey/D’Antoni

Thanks in advance!

Why not playoff kd? T macs too expensive, im running him more and is a beast but i run kd over him for some reason. Just fits well

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KD cause he can play 2-4 and it’s a million cheaper than TMac :smile:


This is hard.
I like tmac release better
But This Playoffs KD is Amazing :innocent:

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Both :grimacing:

not gonna pay 150k onto these players’ ctra/shoe bro

not considering price cuz i locked em both, which one u go for

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nah dont think playoff kd has any difference with anni one…


Ive had both and i do notice the strength difference. There withing 50k of each other tho, i would

If you get KD playoffs for sure. I just upgraded my Anni and blew some MT. We good tho

yes only issue is i already locked anni cover 2, which makes playoff kd harder to get

KD easy

Tmac if you already have both tmac can take over any game just messing around with the card one of the best pure scorers in the game imo better strength and post game and just a fun card to use

KD. Size, animations and sweet release. I run both in my starting lineup though.



I can’t put my finger on it, but TMac is just worse than Worthy, KD, Melo and even JR for me.
They’re all smooth and he feels unnatural. Idk.

And that stamina is noticable if you use him as the main ballhandler.

The real question is what is your lineup looking like to be good enough not to include both hahah

i see but what shoe?

I prefer KD’s release as well