PD timmy

So I chose duncan as my 2nd PD reward. MYYYYY GOD is he good! I benched blake for him. I just won 4 in a row with him in route to hakeem. Whenever my offense broke down, I would just throw it in the paint to him. Instant bucket. Cant believe I’ve been missing out on this. He rebounds better than everybody on the court as well.


His post game is so fun!


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Duncan is only rivaled by Hakeem in the post.


just got him this week as my first PD and he is fantastic. I sold Blake as well

I run them as my starting 4 & 5 and I’ve only lost one game since.

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Sheesh I could only imagine. I have both and haven’t tried them on the court together yet. I run both at center

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I run him and Ralph. They grab sooo many boards!


I do the same. I picked up Wilt and moved Timmy from bench 5. Now all my big men have purple Kyrie’s :sweat_smile:

21points 12rebounds 3assist 2steals and 4blocks
5 offensive rebounds

My Last Game with Timmy D. He is a beast.
Close fight and the opponent quit mid 4th quarter.
He ddnt take the offensive rebounding God mode timmy D.

His defense is top notch. A.I. seems to come over for great blocks and he can get up there when he needs to

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He was my starting center for the longest, one of the best defender in the game period. HoF Hustle Rebounder makes him battle for those boards like crazy too