PD Stockton

Has anyone played against or used him? Im close to getting my first 1-2 PD’s (halfway thru fantasy dom and just unlocked PD board) and I want to get either TD / Stockton or TD / Hill but Hill just seems popular for people who wanna cheese him at PG. Stockton looks amazing though especially with HOF Pick dodger, HOF Pick pocket, HOF D Stopper, HOF Dimer, HOF PnR Maestro, etc and just wanted to see if it translates to the court

@earvgotti can definitely help. He posted a great defense video where he uses Stockton.

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I played against MULTIPLE Hills and he did not impress me one bit, played against dude who had Stockton and he wasint that good (the player) but the card is NUTS, on ball stealing like crazy, amazing playmaker and shooting is thru the ROOF.

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No interest in Pierce/Mutombo ?

Oh no believe me I want both but in terms of my first two I know I for sure want PD Duncan, he has the most HOF badges and can play both PF or Center which to me makes him the most valuable…

Stockton im hung up on because I have baron and Scott but Stockton seems like hed be an insanely pesky player. I also think his synergy with Duncan would be through the roof, those PnR plays would be nasty. Not to mention I think stockton is probably the easiest guard to penetrate with because of his small frame and agility.

I guess it also depends what premium pack players we get soon

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Also consider possible duo options later.

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I got Pierce and Ducan both amazing, but Stockton is deffo a baller, i’m not sure about penetrating him, you can always assign him on SG worse comes to worse, on ball steals are also OP. I’d go Stockton/Duncan or Pierce/Ducan. Pierce can post up, pull up for midrange, can dunk fairly a lot and his 3 point shooting OP.

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might not have to choose between them either lol if i have enough MT and those heat check packs drop all at once and theres a crash… oooo boy

Im between Mutombo and Stockton for my 3rd token PD.

I assume you cant play pierce at the 4 right? his rebounding ratings are not good

I rather would play him at 2, nah that would be really bad.

I would go Duncan 1st, Hill 2nd in hindsight. I myself went Hill then Duncan. Both are good, Duncan is just the best PD imo, absolute goon on offense and defense, amazing badging he can do it all.

I’ll have enough tokens for a 3rd PD when historic sets come out later today and I was originally sold on Pierce but after looking at ratings and badging and playing the game more I think Stockton is the move. Blowbys don’t exist anymore really so his size isn’t an issue and he has the most OP badge in HoF pick pocket.

My rankings would look like this now:

  1. Duncan
  2. Stockton
  3. Hill
  4. Pierce
  5. Mutombo

Uh getting through domination is so boring lol


It’s worth it though, the Lucas is underrated. I put shooting badges, an open 3 diamond shoe + the coach boost and he’s my starting 4 over Issel

Stockton and mutumbo were my first choices not a single regret both absolute beasts

the line up im hoping to bring into the qualifier on oct13th is


Charlie Scott
Rashard/ Peja/ Dominique
AD w/ Diamond Shoe

Would like to get a third PD in pierce or hill and put melo at the 2 and then hill or pierce at 3 and move finley to the bench possibly

That Melo might leak point for you like no tomorrow tho.

Ill take my chances with Stockton, AK47, Duncan to cover his ass lol… Melo hasnt been as big a defensive liability as I thought mainly due to his size and strength


Melo is alright on d, but I still prefer him on my bench squad and have rasherd starting for the better defense.