PD Stockton owners

Is he worth the tokens or naw?



He’s small but he’s very solid. Jumper is wet and plays great defense.

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Last one too, huh? :joy:

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Second to last lol


Same. Who’s left?

Pierce, but that position is so stacked for me

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Twins! He was so much higher on the list before we got every wing in the world

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get pierce

If you get Pierce, I bet you end up selling someone and using him. If you get Stockton, he’ll play in a few Weeklies lol.


Yeah I’m with @kinsman. At this stage you’ll only be able to use Stockton for offline and friendlies. Maybe the odd TTO run

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That HoF Pick Pocket with his steal rating = constant strips against 6’9” or taller non-Point Guards who try and post him up.


this is exactly what happened. Poor Stockton collecting dust

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Pull token packs instead of Stockton lmao, people use Blake at Pg, John is dead, especially after they nerfed onball steals.

Or just get Stockton, and use him regardless of what these people say. Short + White PG’s are fine — combat the hate.

If people continue to hate on them, then 2K will kill the position and not fix the position requirements for online play.

If people begin to use them more, we can MWPGA.


It’s also pretty glorious seeing him run around in some short shorts

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Pink Diamond Stockton is great! You should definitely pick him up. He’s a great facilitator and plays strong defense.

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Eat less :mushroom:

2K bot judging by account lol

I love him, replaced him only yesterday as I locked JKidd.

Fast jumper, awesome defense, especially with steals and HOF Dimer.

Stockton is great when you play against CP3, Kyrie, Wall, Curry…anyone Big O & up its a Damn nightmare. Great to run plays with.