Pd steph future price?

Got him for 270k with contract and shoe. He’s unbelievable but was this a good price?

If you master his moving shot this card is deadly.
200k it’s a good price for him if other Curry doesn’t come. I’ll doubt.

Yeah there’s really no way 2k could make a better curry without giving him crazy dunk attributes which is just not realistic at all! I think this may be the best and final version of curry. I feel like didn’t overpay that much but I’m just wondering how much he’ll drop when kyrie and harden drop in the Anni set

Sold mine for 297k this morning with contract and shoe. Now one with just a shoe is 350k already. Always get shafted on auctions

Future price gonna be 50K lmfao.

All this shit is gonna be worthless in September sadly

What’s a good price right now for this card on the PS4. I’m fine without the contracts and shoe.

Thats the thing. It’ll probably be the same price for a naked one so might as well get one with a contract and shoe. Anywhere under 300k should be a clean snag. Now you could get other cards for far less that will do just as much but they won’t be Steph ;).

Got lucky with one of my auction earlier, wasn’t expecting it but I got Curry for less than 300K, woohoo. It doesn’t have a contract though but I’m good with it. I’m still on track for that GO Shaq, haha.

On xbox he is 160/190k