PD Sleepy Floyd , worth the exchange?

Title , have enough to get him , found a 40k wilkins , i am casu offl player , starting PG is Boone , it’s my best player so far … i only play with first owner card (and i dont open packs with VC , need challenges to play this game)


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Not at all, nothing in that exchange is worth it, maybe possibly the hof badge but even that is overpriced, exchange cards are only good day one or if it’s your favorite player.

I got him! He’s very good, but tbh I don’t think he’s worth it ! Kyrie is as good as him, except he plays a little better D

Yeah he’s solid but that price is too steep when you can get a better pg for very little MT.

You’re better off selling all the pieces on the AH than completing any of the exchanges.

Last year there were a few exchanges where you could pull everything from the lower tiers of TTO drops. Those were the only ones worth completing.

WiTh the MT you can get from selling the stuff you would lock in you could probably buy anything besides the top five most expensive cards and the game. And when you got tired of them you could sell them back which is even better.
Cash out and wait for super packs next week would be my advice.

Well thx for feedback , def not worth it but a PD is 200k and now Sleepy needs

A diamond (Wilkins 43k)
5 Amy (5 x 6k = 30k)
2 FO amy (pulled gary haris and cliff hagan = 14k)
5 FO ruby (pulled lamelo 10k , markkanen 5k , willis reed 2k , tom gugliota 2k , vucevic 2k = 21k)
13 Warriors 2k x 13 = 26k
18 Gold 750x18 = 13,5k
Total 43 + 30 + 14 + 21 + 26 + 13.5 = 147,5 so 150k for sleepy , that quite cheaper than any PD …
Made this fast in my head maybe there is a mistake

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That’s true that PD’s are going for 200k right now, but you have to factor in the actual skill level and long term value of the card… He’s just not that good. 84 3pt rating is nothing special. He’s not a dunker. He only has 89 speed. Not a great defender. I’m willing to bet there will be rubies coming out in the next few weeks that are better than Sleepy Floyd. If you love the player and you think you can continue using him long term, then go for it. I wouldn’t suggest it though.

If you want em, get em.

Otherwise, if you just up in the air because you want him to make your team better, pass. Get a card like Jrue Holiday instead who can be sold back. Also I would definitely wait until tomorrow at least.

No i dont love him , just wondering as all i need is in my collection , my concern is i only use FO cards to keep the game interesting and my first PD will be in months … so it’s an expensive tasty perspective but i buy and sell cards after xp , i don’t play with my main team pretty often as i play offline for xp and challenges , so i’d better keep my collection…

Wait for next season (next friday) in any case. He isn’t going anywhere, and there’s a chance that there will be a better card there. By the way you can get duplicate Diamonds pretty easy on TTO so you can save the 40k.

MyTEAM is all about fun and trying new cards! If you have the MT and want him to ahead !

This! Accidentally opened two duplicate ML Carr I had. Cashed one out and put the other on Sleepy. I also put my duplicate Free Agent cards on the Exchanges, better than 1 MT, not 1k MT, 1 MT.


I don’t know how good Gilbert is gonna be tomorrow but I love Sleepy and do not regret him at all. His dribble style makes him feel way faster than a lot of PGs I’ve used and his defense is pretty good since he comes with Clamps. He dunks the ball surprisingly often (even when tired) and his release is smooth (although a bit slow and with a low release point). With the shoe and coach I have mine gets 91 3 pt, 92 speed, speed with ball, and acceleration, and 91 lateral quickness. He’s really fun to use.


You can put free agent cards in the exchange?


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He has my favorite behind the back in the game (Kawhi’s), quick dribble style, good release, defense, tendencies, speed and can dunk… For me, he’s the best pg in the game, so yes - technically he’s worth it. Right now. The question is: for how long. Cause obviously you won’t be able to sell him. Also FVV isn’t much worse and he’s 30k (if not less now). Definitely wait at least till tomorrow. But if someone has duplicate diamond from TTO, he’s a no-brainer.

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Hes not as bad as eceryone is saying tho. At this point of the year its better then spending 150 token on frazier if u can get an extra diamond from tt or tto

Otherwise maybe save the mt

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Decent card got me through the first domination. I pulled majority of the cards for him in cheap and free packs.