PD Sabonis takeover thread

The undisputed king of cheddar is back with some badges and better speed, takeovers below.


As long as he can get sharp

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Sharp and I think Glass Cleaner with Dantoni (no shoes). Definitely sharp though!

I’ve been trying to redeem KD10’s for 25 minutes

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I’m thinking of the Kyrie PE bro :thinking:


Same but Im afraid he could loose Sharp TO

Kyrie PE’s with D’Antoni gives him Sharp/Glass


Eaton owners are rattled


He’s incredible just destoryed a Drob/Hakeem.

Still best shooter in game imo

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Lol best shooter in the game?

Did someone tried Kyrie PE with Kerr ?

Kerr with black LeBron’s = sharp/glass

I went black LeBron’s thinking he had a moving 3. Accel at an 84 is kinda nice though

This card holds his own against Shaq down low, just got done

so no post takeover for arvydas?

I wonder if he can get Playmaking takeover (or if centers can even get this at all)?

Passing IQ can be boosted to 99 with a ruby coach.
Passing Vision can be boosted to 99 with a shoe.
That leaves his passing as 97, 99, 99.
Ball Handling would be 75 or 80 for whatever that is worth.

Far as I can see in such a scenario he would have:
2 99s in Playmaker
2 99s in Glass Cleaner
1 99 in Rim Protector
Max 1 in Post Scorer
0 in Slasher
0 in Sharpshooter
0 in Shot Creator…
So it should be possible…

But I have a feeling Playmaking is not possible for a PF/C.

if sharp/post is possible…

please, please, let us know

Can someone help me.

TO Kyrie PE and Pop? :thinking:

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I would imagine that Ball Control is a huge ingredient and it’s impossible for Sabas to get Playmaking TO instead of Paint/Post/Glass.

What are Sabonis’s dribble moves like? Does he have a useful running crossover or behind-the-back?

He can’t actually do anything useful out of a standstill, can he?