PD Rose OR PD Wall?

I’m thinking about selling my PD Wall and PD Ray Allen and just starting Rose so I can hopefully afford PD Harden or PD T Mac…

bad idea?

Wall. HOF Dimer, defensive stopper, and many others. Better defensive stats and better all around.

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I prefer PD Wall over Rose.

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But if you’re wanting to get someone else, it does help that Wall is auctionable and Rose isn’t.

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gang sign wall.


you see…thats EXACTLY what I was thinking…Rose doesn’t have HOF Dimer and the defensive ability like wall does…im just getting tired of this Ray Allen lmao

D rose is an exception to the equaliser, that card always plays to his ratings on offense

Yeah I really don’t want to get rid of wall as he’s my favorite card this year but I don’t really have anything else to sell besides Ray Allen and I’m tired of him and his release

Yeah it seems your a bit tight on MT and Ray Allen isn’t making you happy. Have you tried JR or anyone tho? Take away the fact Allen is a diamond, Klay and JR are pretty solid

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Your right, I’m going to try and get me a Diamond Klay. Heard nothing but good things about him

He’s awesome, JR is a better shooter but KLay kills it on defense

You could also downgrade wall to the diamond to get back a little mt. A lot of people on here have been happy with the downgrade, me included.

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Of course Wall is better stats and badges wise. And with the prices right now, he’s not expensive either. But Rose is free. That’s 50k MT you can save if you use him. Since I’m on a budget, I have to use the free PD. And let’s be real, you can be successful with any cards. So if the MT is not a problem, choose whoever you like best. If you’re on a budget, Rose is more than capable of being at least a bench PG.


Right now I have PD Wall starting and Rose off the bench, if I were to sell Wall I’d start Rose and have Lonzo off the bench. Ray Allen is getting on my nerves haha so I’m considering starting Rose and just getting that 50k from selling Wall…I’m gonna miss him though

Yeah man, Wall is such a fun card. But he’s cheap. It’s not like you can’t buy him back if you miss him more than you thought you would. He’s definitely the most fun pure pg I’ve played with in the game.

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Just listed him and I’m already missing the card haha he had clamps man!! But I might as well use this free PD Rose and Lonzo…free up the MT…if anything I’ll buy him back later if I don’t like these other cards I’m thinking of trying

He will only get cheaper either way so he will always be obtainable.

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This is true :face_with_monocle:

I have 2 di walls with kyrie if you want one of them

Wall but I wasn’t really feeling him. Couldn’t shoot for shit with him