PD Rose On Friday

Check Ronnie Twitter

1 pm EST so I have no chance of getting it.

i thought it was kobe lol cuz of that one vid on youtube of him reading tweets

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Bruh can someone tell him to stop releasing out dated cards…

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If drose had hof dimer it’d be a gg

Honestly if some of you missed this card it’s worth trying too cop he’s very fun and jumps over wilts head n yams on Yao lol, no joke

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how do you know the time?

Maybe its a kobe lockercode,he sings the song on mean tweets NBA edition

I am in AU and I am always sleeping when code drops lol

Pure speculation.

Duncan, Mitchell, and Lonzo all dropped at 10 AM PT / 1 ET

I think you’re right. The fact that Ronnie says to “retweet if you get it” means it’s not an obvious answer so it 100% has to be Kobe.

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Yeah Highkey it’s kobe he sings this song a lot he had an interview singing this song too

If this becomes a trend does that mean we may possibly get a free PD Paul George locker code next week friday?


Hey if somebody knows for sure keep us updated lol, do you guys really think that they would put up a PD kobe code when the card was just released? I’ll take it lol, but I know ppl would be pissed

People aren’t actually thinking this is anyone other than Rose are they? You’re all joking yeah? Some of you I can tell but others are worrying me…


I could see it being Kobe if Ronnie was clever… but he’s never appeared to be a very clever guy.