PD Richard Jefferson

Available on tier 2 and tier 3 for TTO

Looks fun


His jumper is nice, i don’t mind it.

Moves like a log though.

Congrats. I saw him at tier 2 corner but I rarely hit the corner spot. Its going to be a long grind for me.

Anyone know how long for? Won’t be able to play for 1-2 days

1st of january

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Wow. Somebody booted me out without starting the game and i lost.

And this is how I dont get baron davis
I’m ass at ball drops
I have failed 3 times at getting larry nance I dont think Im gonna have better luck at getting this guy


Man fuck this shit, just swept the board twice 20-0 and didn’t see Jefferson


Exactly what i was talking about. This drive me insane, i uninstall the game asap when this happens to me so i won’t grind at all.

Big F to luck based rewarding.


Waste hours upon hours grinding the spotlights for Vlade fuckin Divac just to miss out on Baron from luck


Fuck 2k man they should give a locker code for him at least or something
That just ain’t it


I was on 5th one when i read your tto board msg :cold_face:


Yea this is annoying. I have gotten 2 Di Antoine Walkers all year and have played TONS of TT Online (no Tyreke Evans etc.). So yea it doesn’t look like BDiddy is joining the Legion unless 2K gives us a different way to get this card.

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Got my ass kicked by PD D-rose, but super lucky with consolation drop after clear the board twice only for not see him at all. Good luck to anyone who still grind for this card

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Whlep, first match and it looks like the offballers are out in full force. Steal spammers and half court leaners are also going to be the story of the day. Not surprised in the least 2K pulled this crap.

Thank fuck I don’t have to put up with the sweats now for the next week. 6th game


Anyone know how to get pink diamond a.i?

Just got ddosed outta win lol

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god dam i dont want to play 2k on christmas.

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Lagging plus toxic player plus right corner plus luck base. Fucking TTO

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