PD Rewards +Ak47

So today I decided I was going to get 1000lvl for the 250 tokens.I sold my whole team and started at 200 cards with 1million mt. I’m currently at 800 with about 610k left, but I have a dilemma. Should I get AK47 then sell collection and buy my team on friday with 800-900k I get back, or should I sell my collection and complete the current players collections in order to get to PD rewards, but only be left with 50-150k afterwards. I’m currently at 2/10 Amy tier with no domination at all played, but will play if I decide to go for PD.
Here are the two lineups for each decision:

I just got ak47 he’s the best diamond in the game atm imo I’m thinking about selling my cards cause cweb is too far away

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AK47 will be more like 38 special in a month. Will be completely irrelevant.

Get ak47 lock sets keep 100k to snipe


Ak47 / Granger / Hill / Timmy / Kareem

Manu / Finley / Dr J / Issel / Hakeem

All year lol.

Not even close. His card will be relevant for months. You’ve obviously not used him or you wouldn’t think like that. He’s a walking mismatch at 1-4 positions.

Nah AK is really good. He’s the real deal.

Woah thats nuts i’ve been trying to do a similar thing (kept all my players though haha)

What cards are you mainly buying that got you to 800 so fast? Jerseys I assume right?

I would try to get him, but I play madden more. The Ulrimate Team experience is better in general. 2K needs to revamp myteam.

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I would search Home jerseys for 500-550-600 then go to away and keep refreshing for about 30 seconds. Then claim my outcomes, go to playeres, refresh 600 BIN for 30 secs then rinse and repeat. I went and bought all the cheap arenas and logos for about 250-500 mt aswell.

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Very nice, i’ve been doing the same thing with jerseys except putting bids down and then leaving it for a few hours, I also completed some sets too. Was at like 300 cards with 500k MT and now i’m at 700 with about 330k, i’m still missing tons of jerseys though and haven’t completed 2 of the dominations.

I’m waiting until Monday when the market collapses and then I’m going to buy as many cheap cards as possible to push for 1000. Then I’ll see how far I am from AK from there