PD Porzingis - Best shoe / takeover?

Best shoe for him? Is it also possible that he can get sharp/rim takeover?

I think that’s his base chief. And there’s already a thread I believe

ahhh I’m pretty sure it’s sharp/glass. Didn’t see anyone mention if he could get different takeover’s and the best shoe for him. Just want to see what everyone is thinkin

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Is he bin yet?

no he’s not

I’m try the orange cp3s on him to make him more versatile don’t really care about the takeover

no, he actually went up a little I think.

Yea he went up about 40 k he was ending at 130-140 yesterday & now he 170-180

Link to other thread? What’s everybody got on him?

I added pink Adidas on him and he’s still sharp glass with casey. I’m tryna figure out how to get sharp post if possible

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Wonder if south beaches or black shell toes would do it

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Ima try later if you do before me lmk

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I put the Curry on him because it looked like the best boosts. He’s Sharp/glass w/ Dantoni

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Clown puke Kyrie

Sharp/glass dantoni

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No shoe and he’s glass/rim with Brad Stevens.

That sharp takeover tho

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I wish sharp/rim was possible for him but oh well

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