PD Pistol Pete Thoughts?

The Card I’ve been waiting for all year is finally here!!! Besides the other thing I’m waiting for in game, I have another reason to play now lol. How good is this new Pete card? Dribble animations,shot,etc.

Sounds pretty filthy


I can’t wait to pick him up after I heard that. This is the biggest W of the week for me imo.


yeah dude I always try and pick up the new cards real quick and shoot around for 10 mins just to see how good they are. I made a post about Lance immediately saying he was the best Amy w/ amazing animations. I’m not a dribble god but this pistol is a beautiful shooter and a PG which I don’t think he was last year

Didn’t matter last year you could run Shaq at point if so desired.

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well yes I’m just saying he was listed as a SG last year so it’s a + that they moved him to PG this year

Active look at me rn just thinking about the pistol