PD Pippen Takeover Thread

Finally got this beast for after watching his price fluctuate from 130k all the way to 250k for the base version!! Now it’s time to figure out the different takeovers he can get.

Please post the takeovers you have with your Scottie here!

I got Defending/Sharp with Scottie using Pink Adidas and a Ruby coach


Which coach?
Takeovers are based on highest attributes.
If it’s tied between categories, it’s about which category has more of those highest attributes.

Biggest challenge with Pippen would be getting sharp over slasher takeover, since most 3pt shoes give speed, accel, layup.

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Ruby grit n grind coaches

Looking to get sharp/lock I use Pop

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I got sharp/defending on my diamond scottie using the pink adidas shoe

Yeah, looking at the stats, 3pt was higher than speed/accel/dunk. Interesting because driving layup was higher than all of those.

I think red kyries should do the job, but don’t take it for granted.
2x97 3pt stats without increasing speed/accel or dunk.
Although layup will still be higher.

Proceed at your own risk. :grin:

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Any d’Antoni users want to share their shoe selection for this beast?

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I don’t think it’s possible to get anything other than slasher/lockdown with D’Antoni.
99 speed and layup from coaching boosts.

I’d probably get south beach lebrons because I’d use him as ball-handler.
Maybe pink adidas.

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Red kyries and Casey gives him sharp shot let me know if any of you have any other combinations with Casey

Steve Kerr plus Cp3 Jordan’s = Lock/ Sharp :ok_hand:

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Kerr + grey Jordan’s = lockdown and sharp aka god.

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Can any of yall with Kerr let me know what he gets with Pop or Stevens and the same shoes you have?

kerr + the white Jordans with the red on the lower part, dunk boost shoe gets him lock and sharp i love it
and kerr going like for 30 k right now ,is that normal price ? i would think he be way more i been useing him since the pre sale way better then 80k for a single 3 point shoe


Any dantoni cheese ?

I have lock/sharp with d’antoni and pink adidas


You’re a lifesaver

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Say no more. :grinning:

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Casey with no shoe is shot/sharp


Gotcha, same thing with red kyries. Wonder if anyone else got different results with other shoes.

I kinda wanna find a shoe that makes him defense/sharp with casey