PD Pip impressions?

Should I sell my first born for the new PD Jordan to unleash this monster. Hell I dont even want Jordan. How good does this make pip?

you should do it, hes the best Pd in the game, start Jordan at PG and Pippen at SF, he locked down PD Kat and Hakeem in my last game, he can even play C…lol

Yea man I sold my car, clothes, and organs so I can get the duo with pip and Jordan. Shit was worth it IMO

I would go from this

To this

Thoughts @Ninja7124 @YaoMingJr.79

Yea it’s worth it a lot of fun and cheese.

Alright… the bird is no longer word

PD Bird is kinda garbage. Too slow and clunky.

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Pd pip gets 98 everything

Too slow… except for his trailing 3s hahhaha

all I need him to do is lock down guys and shoot 3s

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If only there was auctionable pd pippen… people are selling cards in his set for 100k

Nah fuck yall

im getting mj but theres no way I’m paying out the ass for Pip

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You don’t deserve this card if you didn’t lock in . It’s too o.p

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Damn coming home and finding out you can’t even sell your whole team and afford MJ

Thanks 2K for actually giving me incredible value on ice cold.

When I saw OG PD MJ and amy Pip had a duo, I felt bad for whoever locked Pippen sets, nd then I realized theres a new MJ lol

hes at 100k with 3mins left. i hope i get him lol

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i got outbid fuck lol

I’ve stuck by pippen since January. Didn’t pull a diamond 3 shoe all year. Just kept working on that release. Now I am finally rewarded with the 3rd best card in the game. And to make things better I would also have the second best card. S/o ronnie

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