PD Penny is TRASH

My Amy Kobe with low top Curry’s has been shooting an astonishing 80% on penny’s today. It’s gotta to the point where if I see one I’m isoing him to hell and dunking all over him.


Ruby penny sucked ass on D, but the PD? Looks way better on paper.

I agree… plus it won’t do much he only needs +6 to reach 99 3

It’s because it’s the amy Kobe going against a PD Penny lol. The PD or diamond Kobe would get locked up.

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Also he’s comparing a sg to a point guard. There is no perfect point guard to stop the out of position Lebrons and Kobe’s.

Penny is by the numbers, size and all better than the Amy Kobe

I pulled him and he’s been outstanding. Basically unguardable in the pick and roll. I added a dunking shoe on him, not that he needed it, but there’s really not much room for improvement if you don’t have a 3PT shoe

Sorry @Ddrop got Penny with Curry Lows. He’s a beast.

Yes but one is actually a point guard @KJ1017 … Kobe would be expected to be a greater scorer in 2k @KJ1017

Penny is also the better scorer though. Offer me your base penny for my Kobe and I’ll happily accept

Well i can’t say anything if you like it but imo that shoe is a waste on him. He doesn’t even have hof c&s, limited hotzones from 3p line. Boosting open3 with regular shoes would help more than enough.
He can’t hit contested or moving 3s in most cases but his stepback helps a lot.

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Had 11 assist in the first game I used him and was virtually unguardable. Basically isoing and dunking all over him, sounds like typical 2k cheese.

The truth is… You’re absolutely right. He shoots no better with these Currys than without them. :slight_smile: Maybe I should sell now and replace him :stuck_out_tongue:

Penny in my hands is unguardable

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Likewise. 20 ppg off the bench. Honestly, I should just start him… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yea penny is a dog. I don’t understand the hate. Jumper is so easy I decided not to put the red Kyrie on him. Green light from the top of the key and great dribble packages. I’m glad I pulled the trigger on him. Again he’s unguardable in my hands. 4 games. Averaging 20 and 13. 60% from the field 52% from three. No complaints whatsoever

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How are you guys running him, be honest 5 out?

Nope. Pick and roll and ISO. I could only imagine how elite he is in 5 out

3 out 2 in and I run plays with as the primary ball handler. 5 out is boring.