Pd paul pierce

Is he any good? I know I should take hill or timmy as my first reward, but I’m a rebel. Lol

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I took him first. Hill and Duncan ended up being better but Pierce still a nice 3 and d option. shots kinda slow but im used to it

Take Duncan first, Pierce second

Duncans really fucking good but that free Hakeem looks similar

There are some variables to think about. I have pd blake, I’m 3 games away from hakeem, you would still take him?

Off topic but how much mt did it take you to get to the pd board

Yes, Paul Pierce starting to get irrelevant, Duncan is still at least a bench player in every godsquad

Not even sure, I basically just burnt 400k alone in the last 2 hours to get to this board. 400k got me 3 players on the diamond board and whoever I am about to pick for my first pd

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Take Hill if you want more of a shot creator and pierce if you want 3 and d off the ball more. just beware the jumper, his FA card is available via challenges if you wanna test it

He’s great. One of the best shooters in the game. Can literally make 10 threes in a row.