PD pack challenges

have you guys done the challenges for a PD pack? they are pretty quick and easy

did the 50pts/5 assists in the PD game (60pts TT), the 12 3s in daily game and the rest came by playing the 4 TTs and 2 CTs

not very happy of the outcome but I’ll take it, what did you pull?

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got joe johnson smh. hopefully he gets his usual duo with josh smith since i got him from ascension

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Man I hope I get someone good from that pack. If not, hopefully a duplicate for the HOF exchange. Or if it’s a duplicate with some value, hopefully I already have an unauctionable version of it. Anyways, I’ll probably end up with Wilkins or smth.

Got Ray Allen. Not the worst, I’ll take it.


Just finished mine.

Got Artest. Happy with that honestly.

Wasn’t a dupe nor a total trash can.


Not yet because I was working on DMitchell and Derrick Coleman. Got those two so I’ll do the PDs next.

How long is the challenge up? Hope to do it tonight.

No need to hurry. It is up for the remaining 8 days of the season.

Thanks Monk

Pulled the same D-Wade

is that card auctionable?

Got a PD. Saw the jersey no 31. Thought to myself, who wears 31? I know Shawn Marion did but he doesn’t have a PD. SG, Cavaliers, Ricky Davis! Got lucky, he will probably be useful on my squad as well.


No sadly

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Got PD MJ. +1 to collector level and boosts my Bulls theme team. Glad it wasn’t Wade or Draymond

Ricky Davis is nice. Congrats.

I got PD Steph Curry. Useless for me. Would rather have taken a dupe for the HOF badge tbh.

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I got PD Payton. Loved him back in the day, bit of an L. Hoping for a duo with Kemp

I got josh smith….even though I already had him from ascension……

I got Dwight Howard

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Got pd harden, never gone use him though.

Ray Allen as well.