PD Olowokandi or PD Evans

Both cards are great for me (diamonds), evans - beast on PG, Olowokandi beast on PF. which one do u prefer better guys?

I think there are good cheap PG’s already available (Lonzo, Shai). Will Tyreke really play over them? I don’t think so. So Olowokandi seems like the better option. Yes, we have Gasol, KP, Kareem. But he seems to have smth that could compete with them.

The badge upgrades to Kandi man weren’t super important and his stat upgrades are basically just offensive consistency and 3pt to 70. I feel like I’d play the same way with the diamond because I’m not trying to shoot with a 70 3 ball either. I thought Tyreke gets much better upgrades so I’m going with him.

Edit: sorry meant to respond to OP

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