PD Nique

How is he? Might be fun for TTO grinding.

Scoring machine

I love him, card has great dunking animations, quick jumper, actually good dribbling as well

Why is he so expensive? Must be low supply. Nobody wanted that card last year…

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Exactly, bad odds on a bad pack. And he is nice with base 8 release and great driving

Keeping an eye on him price is coming down

Im anxious to get my thumbs on this card, not at 300k+ though.

Buy this card now for 300k, then expect dynamic duos packs 3 days later with wilkins flying out of packs until he’s 55k BIN. I know this would happen of I bought him now

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DD packs aren’t until July :face_with_raised_eyebrow: @Willywonka

Might as well buy him

You can get limited Roy for that price. Anything over 150k and it’s an overpay imo. There’s cheaper alternatives plus more to come.