PD 'Nique, DI Elton Brand, DI Joe Johnson

AM World B. Free


how u know

throwback on a Tuesday?

This makes no sense

Of course they would change Marques Johnson right before they release Wilkins

Wilkins would be insane this year

Who called this?

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PD PG and Diamond Westbrook are duos - duos incoming?

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Don’t you work for 2k? How did the interview go?

Pink Diamond PG with Dymanic Duo boost…does that mean he will be a GO???

Just pulled mcadoo with mt lol I thought I had pulled first pd nique

If this is our content today I’m gonna be L I V I D


Prepare to be livid lol


It went really good. After the initial I interview they called me again a few days later cause they wanted me to talk with one of the lead designers. We ended up talking for like 45 minutes just about 2k. In the end though I had to withdraw myself from the candidates cause the job started earlier than I thought and I’m still in school.

Nice. I’m sure once you finish school the opportunity will still be there

I don’t see the new tb elite Hawks in collection and I’ve backed out twice

No way man , why did you let it go , you should have let 2k know , if they liked you , they might have agreed to move the joining date

Switch language to spanish

They knew that I was still in school before they contacted me for the initial interview but they still wanted to see where things went. Knowing that though they told me that if I’m not able to arrange my schedule that there’s more opportunities coming during the actual summer and they can keep me in mind for.

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Dominique’s got 8 HoF badges, and a decent 3 ball. Might be a solid cop