PD MJ w/HOF RANGE and Heart Crusher (xb1)

He’s up on xb1 ending 12:30am est. 11 Hof badges including range and heart crusher. Gold catch and shoot and bronze flex release. Diamond contract and best 3pt shoe for MJ imo. Card is a defensive beast and can really knock down 3s now. Pair him with someone who has hof defensive leader and floor general and he is a god.


Well damn

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2hrs 40mins left

HOF range with an 82 three ball.


Its true. He can shoot with shoes+coach+hofgeneral. BEAST.

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82 more than enough tbh. Coach and floor general can get him to 90.

The real problem is he has no hot zones from three.

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Hot zones don’t matter if you play on next gen so probably someone on next gen bought him

His release makes up for the missing rating, add gold flexible + hof c&s you have your Klay.

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i have mj with hof range too and 67-0 was easy with him) first 5 3th the opp not understanding what is going on)) then pause chek and quite