PD Melo worth?

Is this card worth losing PD anniversary series 2 cards over? I’d lose the Blake and maybe AD and Dominique historic but gain Oscar and Melo

Is Grass Green? Is water wet? You have your answer my friend.


That’s a hell of a trade. But Melo’s been priceless so far on my team

melo is amazing but not worth his pricetag

Why not pick up Melo but don’t lock in?

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AD is my bench PF and Wilk is my bench 3, I think If I made this trade off, Melo starts at 2 and Kobe is my bench two and Clyde moves to bench 3

Wait just saw you would lose the Anniversary 2 set. No because imo he is not significantly better than Larry Bird and won’t be better than KD. But Melo is very good card, but plenty of sf’s could fill that role in the near future.

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The way Melo plays, I’d say he’s worth 450-500K easily


Then the last 150k is for the name. Lol


Only problem is he’s going for 650-700K

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Wait til KD comes out and see if his price drops. If it does, pick up Melo. If it doesn’t, get KD

Should had sold Wilkins when he was worth something, drexler is better and has three point plays

These stats don’t do him justice because my shot selection with him is terrible and it just doesn’t matter

Most of this is from TTO and the moments challenges

Lmao I didn’t know he was going for that much. I don’t think he’s THAT much on Xbox

Hell if he was 450 I’d cop him rn😂

Yeah that’s a steal. I got him for 520 a couple days after his release

he feels super inconsistent for me — he will miss shots he should definitely make then make shots he should definitely miss

For me any of these players that are at a 99 open three it seems like the times they should no doubt make an open shot it’s a miss, but if I go up for a contested bad shot they make those

Just checked and both PD and Diamond Melo both have 95 offensive consistency so not much of a difference there. The diamonds defense is laughably at 60 though

Diamond melo player model is bigger than 97, it makes up for his defensive attributes