PD Maurice Lucas causing game to freeze during loading. Any one have a specific issue card?

Im on PS4

For the past week I have tried to load into a MT Unlimited game with my recently acquried pd Mo Lucas, my game would load up to 99 or 98 percent and hang at the screen that shows both squads starting 5 (since 2K decided to take away our ability to modify our lineups pre game for some reason …).

After sitting at the screen for a while the game would basically freeze. I can either close the app or restart the console, both resulting in a loss for my record. OR I can wait for the opposing player to quit out the game and the game tells me that theres no more players remaining and I’m booted back to the myTeam home screen.

So after tweaking my lineup a little bit, I took out Mo Lucas and voila, my game loaded up (and of course I was matched up against a PD god squad, but I dont mind a little challenge ((except for amy Hedo. F*ck amy Hedo))

Also He does not work on triple threat either. Loading got to 98% and froze up.

Weird, never heard of that one. Submit a support ticket, maybe they’ll give you something cool to compensate.

Maybe 5 standard league packs with an emerald Dwight Howard!