PD Marbury

What’s everyone’s consensus on the new marbury?


copy past from DRose :

I’m starting to think that in real life you must be short… because you love tall players which I mean nothing wrong with that I’m not the tallest guy but I’m just waiting for 99 everything d wade ans yoy then posting he’s a midget lol

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I’m like that only in 2k, in real life Patrick Beverley and Sweet Lou are one of my favourite players

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Not a fan of his handles.

I respect that, two underrated guys that deserve championships for what they do

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Is he better than Baron Davis

Better badges, but i prefer baron

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I really like him. I’ve been running my bench unit’s offense through him.

I really like him but I’ve seen ppl call him trash. He drains 3s, dunks on people, nice handle, and wouldn’t say he’s terrible on defense.

This cards nice

I’ll have a deep dive on the character shortly. Today or tomorrow. Thanks to everyone on this board for the support. I’ll post it in this thread when it’s up.


I’ve been following you on YouTube since a few week great job on the reviews man !

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My starting point guard right now. He’s a Baron/D-Rose with better badges (intimidator!). Great dribble animations, dunks a lot, great release. All that I need.

Speed > height

6’9 Magic got 93 speed & swb without any boosts lmao

Just now seeing that new magic card…sweet baby Jesus :hushed:

Ey welcome to the site bro love the channel.

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Yeah Magic at 98 speed with Malone yeesh

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