Pd Magic

Just picked up the new PD magic for 81k.

Good pick up or nah? I wanna sell

What? For real?

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I’d say hold out till the packs are gone

You sell that

What a snipe

Any of yall know how much new magic is going for right now?

That’s one hell of a snipe

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sell me 100k bin lol

We wont know until the 4 hour mark. So around 3pm est

In my opinion the new Magic card is stupid. Can not see any really worthwhile upgrades other than the cool picture.

Should have made his steal higher, upped his strenght, or given him HOF defensive badges.

I saw one going for 450k with 3.hours left haha

But he has a different jersey tho man…

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It is stupid. Hence why I want to sell. Not much different from the previous pd apart from 2 hall of fame badges and shooting increase - but his shot is slow af

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Is his in game facial hair different haha?

Ya his shot is slower than hell and he already makes open shots that you are actually able to get off with his slow ass shot.

Yes, no hair.

That makes it all

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Haha his haircut and goatee looked stupid, so I guess thats cool.

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Will 500k be enough to cop Kobe? Had to buy badges and shoes for Magic

What did you just say?