PD magic

anyone here still holding on to magic and waiting for his price to go up? what is he going for now on xbox

Bigger question is can you move him out of my damn filters


He wont go up much if any at all, too accessible to people after the codes, no point hanging onto them.

Its over for magic :pensive:

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maybe if he gets a duo with kobe or shaq lol

or lakers kareem big F

No, I hold on to him because he is the best PG in the game! And I really don’t see any card that could replace him in the near future and I feel the same about Oscar… I guess I am waiting for a Glove card… Otherwise I don’t know who to f with @PG. I may lock in Stockton just out of boredom…

i couldnt stand that 1 magic i had left in my unsold auctions. put him up for 80k, got 85k. hes gone now. thank god

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