PD Magic or Opal Rose or Glitched LBJ?

Who is the better pg? I haven’t used magic or rose yet this year

Pistol Pete

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Bronze Meyers leonard


Don’t buy now market crash incoming. Wait for the Crash.

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If you want to have fun rose but if you want to be able to compete magic. Both are fun cards though.

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when is the crash, shouldnt it technically be now as trailer dropped?

yeah I mean I was able to win with russ so I’m pretty sure I will be able to compete with rose hopefully. his card art also looks dope this year.

A few hours from now people gonna panic sell, I think you gotta monitor the prices in the AH.

if im tryna get magic, hes going for 140k rn, u think he goes lower

Hmnnn, to be honest I don’t think he will be below 100K.

You definitely need magic to guard giannis and ben simmons.

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yah magic is definitely crashing. Last night was going for 220k range

Alright lets relax now :rofl::skull:

u on ps4? ya i saw hes in 135k range

Wait til we get a glitched PG Taj Gibson