Pd lonzo or pd penny?

Thoughts on this?

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Lonzo has better release, animations, rating and badges it’s not close

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Don’t think its much of a debate. Lonzo has height, hof def stopper, 3pt plays and better dribbles.

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@Larryfox32 yeah except that penny is taller, has a bigger player model, better post player and midrange shooter which is why i’m unsure

@EarvGotti probably but i’m worried about the lower midrange, height, player model, and post stats. What about pd moments wade? Is he better than the 2?

zo is a top 5 pg in my opinion

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For me penny is better but I haven’t tried the lonzo and I’m bias bc I hate lonzo

Obviously, but what do you think of him on 2k?




Well while we are on the topic should I pull the plug and get penny to duo with tmac or save up for Nash? @MrBlunty @OGxSuave

Get Penny, Nash is a midget who’s not even fast.

@OGxSuave better than pd penny and pd moments wade?

Lonzo has insane badging and stats, just get him and he’s cheap too.

yup has better dribble animations then both hes stronger than wade better jumper all d badges cant go wrong wit em

@Michaeltom if ur being unbiased, out of penny hardaway, pd moments wade, and lonzo ball, who is the best?

Lonzos release lowkey nice AF haha.

Just easy to time and pretty quick as well.

hes so good i was thinkin about selling my opal mj and rollin with him

He has 98 speed tho?

Yeah but I saw gameplay and he looked slow for some reason on the ball.