Pd LONZO BALL thread

He will be bin or nah?

Cheaper than BIN, he’s not the card people are pulling for

depends how much are pulled, in my opinion, unless he tanks he should range from 80-130k

There’s already a ton of Lonzo and Ayton on the AH on xbox btw, so he’s gonna be flooded

easily BIN with high pull rates, two first time opal cards in packs + opal simmons as reward will crash the prices of these cards

CAn’t wait to get Lonzo for the Laker squad.

With coach he already has 99 open 3 lol

Dimer and Defensive Stoper at 6’6?

98 Steal?

Nothing to really complain about ont his card other than the awkward shot animation but mainly pass with the PG anyway


We need to know this takeovers as well. I hope he has lock/play as a base with Pop/Stevens.

and I loved the sapphire one so much that I put the foams on him, gonna have to pick up this card

What is his best shoe

The Zo2s


This card is gonna be amazing

When will he be BIN

I need this lonzo

Never been so hype I didn’t get his pd last year.

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This one looks better than his PD last year.

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Yeah this ones legit startable… But that sneaky sneaky Fox!

Yeah, I think it has like 300 more total stats

This card could be better then luka minus shooting badges

God I know I’m gonna overspend in this card.

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I hope hes not more than 150