PD Locker Code Fix "Coming Soon" According to /r/NBA2K

"I have no idea what the fix is but I just wanted to update everyone since I’ve seen a lot of inaccurate “we got screwed” comments recently. Please be patient, hopefully everyone will get their rewards soon.

UPDATE: The fix is being finalized."


If everyone gets another one, Ben Wallace gonna be 10k unsold.


I’ve never been a huge fan of the sub, but yyy2k is like a beacon of light in the shitstorm over there, lol.

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I hope they manage to give it only to those who didn’t get it the first time. I got lagged out, and that would mean I got 1 less PD than others.


That’s most likely why it’s taking so long because they’re probably having to review each account to see who got the card

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Definitely. He has to deal with a lot of BS over there, but it’s not ALL bad.

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Guys — BE CAREFUL REDEEMING THE NEW CODE TODAY (if thats what it is) auction house and servers are shit rn due to the tourney


I ain’t redeeming the code until next week lmao

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Good advice. Imagine if it crashed again during redeeming…


There’s def. quality content to be found over there, I just learned the hard way never to sort by new, lol.

Is it 2kmtc kind of bad?

Different kind of bad. It’s the usual reddit circle-jerk/posting new threads constantly about shit you’d find the answer to if you looked on the front page for 10 seconds.

Ahhhhh that sounds annoying

I won’t get hype till I see it, they didn’t mention which day either just another false hope talk again.

I always stay strictly on the myteam advice thread if I go on there. This has been my go-to site for a some weeks now. Love it here.


I think everyone is rooting for them to not release another code to everyone…except for guys that are just starting or had no players at all.

Nah those just starting shouldn’t get another code. We all started with silver players… why should they start with two pink diamonds?


Because it’s 2k

I’d be okay with that.

crossing fingers for another ps drop in want Blake now lol.