Pd lineup swapout

Im kinda getting tired of the same ol shit. My dudes can’t get out of their own way for 3 quarters n in the 4th i come roaring back. I have an all pd lineup. Do i swap the majority of them out. I wanna keep a cpl of them. But is that gonna effect the eq that much?

That’s a great question, and one that I don’t think any one person truly knows the answer to, except probably the crooked ass developers.

All I know is that I handily beat my buddies full pink diamond squad last night with my team of two amethysts and the rest rubies. Then I played him with my normal team, all diamonds and pink diamonds, and I couldn’t defend, make a shot, or get a rebound or loose ball.

I don’t think we have any idea how deep the rabbit hole goes on this equalizer/momentum shit. All I know is there definitely is some sort of algorithm, and it’s complete bullshit.


I run 2 PD as starters, the other starters are amethyst… Yes there is a difference

My other cards are 3 diamonds and then the rest are pd

I try to match opponents card tier in starting 5

Also 98 diamonds with diamond shoes to that make them 99 are counted as pink diamonds

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My lebron had white kobes n made him 99. I think im gonna go base miami lebron. Hmmm i can def notice the difference since goin all pd. So i think i might change back just keep a cpl of em. Cuz ive tried ALOT of cards this year so theres a TON of non pd guys i like n play well w. It was just cool to have an all pd lineup. No good deed goes unpunished :joy:

Scaring me into thinking about dropping a few PDs lol

This pd craziness has one good side, budget ballers learnt what eq is lol. Good for upcoming 2k games for sure.

I was aware of eq. But holy shit man. I can deal w most of the bullshit. 5 out zig zag flash pauses is kinda annoying. But its whatev @ this point. But when ur getting ur brains beat loose by some hack who clearly has 0 stick skills n is just firing up garbage n picking up all the loose balls that my guys just drop n racing down n dunking on me. Thats where i draw the line :joy: stick skills should count for something. N im nowhere near the best. But i do kno that im better then alot of these dudes n its frustrating.

No “eq” with this lineup

Heres the squad any suggestions on who to keep n who shld go?

Amethyst pippen is a great card, I also run josh Smith

You could put Larry at 4 put Amy pippen at 3

Eddie Jones is also a great card , and being 96 that will help

Pippen for sure i loved his amy n i didnt even have a shoe on him. N josh smith was in my lineup not too long ago he was just too good to take out so both of them sound real good. I feel like Dirk n larry r very similar so one of them can go as well. I might switch back to og harden. I dont feel much different w the new one. N may go back to diamond wall w red kyries. Dont feel much difference in his pd either.

Also had diamond wall with red Kyrie’s and he was an animal

Picked up pink diamond wall with red Kyrie’s and can feel when the eq hits way more often with him

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get rid of lou, hes bbq chicken. played a while ago agaisnt someone who had him and paul george backed him down in the paint all first quarter. my opponent never subbed him back in after.


try this (i tried):
play a weekly challenge witht your luxury pd squad
play same weekly challenge with only rubies, maybe some amys.

you will feel a difference even offline
the luxury squad will miss more as they should. they will move around quite stupid, and so on. they will not defend better.
try this

im quite sure you will score in both games quite the same points, and cpu will score about the same
at least for me it is like this.

Eddie Jones for Lou will

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You could put Eddie as a starter and bring Mitchell off of the bench also

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This is gonna sound random. Does anyone have 98bron? What shoes does the stock card wear?

Lol lou is sus on d. Thats a recent change i just made. I had wall starting n harden @ 2guard w drose running point for the 2nd unit. But i just feel like harden such a stud he needs the ball in his hands as much as possible. So when i made the flop wall to the bench n harden starting i didnt wanna run drose @ 2. So lou hopped in there. But ima do some switching up today after work. Thx guys i appreciate it


I think eddie gonna get the green light n hes goin for like 10k now. U cant beat that deal. I only ran him for like a week but i remember i liked him. Got the shooting badges n can dunk. N if im not mistaken he has some defensive badging too. For 10k thats a joke. That ah is drunk