PD Lebron Shoe Suggestions?

Are there any shoes with SWB and 3pt, SWB and BC or 3pt and BC? I got Kerr so I get +5 BC and +5 Open Shot 3. So 81 Open 3 is decent. Plus If I put a BC shoe it gives him 88 so I’m preferably looking for a SWB and BC or BC and 3pt

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Red Kyries decent choice imo.

Thanks copped for 27k

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Best one are the Weathermans I think so he can speed boost and adds 5 to open 3 but it’s not worth it.

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damn why is that pd lebron worst then the moments lol

Not sure he really is though… just different. Someone in another thread described it best. This is more the “athletic” bron.

I think the only Nike’s with SWB and BC are the red Kyrie and red Kobe. Both also have cont3pt. No shoe has SWB, BC,AND OPEN3 unfortunately.

Red Kyries > Kobe ad Mid Red.

For this card yes bc his pass perc is already so high and his def consistency is a tad low. But someone should go buy that pair of red Kobe’s I just posted for 50k :wink:


I’m not even sure that he will make my line up but every lebron card is fun to play. Won’t invest badges and shoes for this card though :rofl:

Lol. Yeah, he prob won’t make my 10 guy lineup. Def fun Though and I’ve been wanting a decent Lebron card lately. Almost bought one yesterday.

Honestly, to me… he plays like a low level diamond 93/94. I badged him though cuz I got extras and I did throw red Kyrie on him cuz why the hell not. I’ve been pretty disappointed in the content drops lately so I gotta do something with this stuff or I’ll lose interest in the game.

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I think the yellow lebron is better IMO.
Don’t worry something will drop.

I agree with that. But honestly, yellow/purple Lebron might not even make my lineup lol. So might as well save the MT and screw around with this card for 20k shoes

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Yes I hope Lebron Scores 60 Tomorrow against warriors so that we will get another card. Hahaha


Sold pg shoe for 58k :slight_smile: thanks Lebron


He really does splash from 3 lol

U mean today?

Definitely speed shoe, 88 speed with ball with these dunking stats, dawg

I mean It’s December 25 10:30 PM here in our country.