PD Lebron Price Update?

I am not home until tomorrow night. Can anyone tell me what PD Lebron is going for on PS4?
I am sitting on 1.5 mil and I really want to pick him up, can I get him?


503k with 3 mins left! PS4

Same for the next one with 13 mins remaining. One at 100k with 40 mins remaining.

That’s insane

Good news for you. His price fell down from 800k to 500k the last hours. The last 2 went for 503k and 518k,

Edit: 600k the one just now.

So this guy was going for 1.5mil yesterday and now he’s done to 700k the market I tell you

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Wow. At this rate he might drop to 350-400k tomorrow

People realizing hes the same as 97 98 99 lebrons are all the same pretty much

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Yeah the equalizer makes them all trash😪

Actually I think that the main reason is that the pull rates are very decent. He comes in bunches. Almost a Lebrongate :rofl:

It’s 2k’s way of squeezing every last dime out of these expensive packs. It doesn’t matter to them if everyone’s got a :gem: Lebron at PG. Juice the odds = Sell more packs.

In this case maybe these packs were not the worst. If he really drops to about 400k than you will get PD Bron way cheaper than being him a collection reward. Plus you can sell him back. I dont blame 2k then :grinning: Locking Giannis is bad enough.

Definitely getting pulled in bunches. You could see two big waves of listings last night, follpwed by more space in between each auction.

Wow PD Bron is cheap. Guess I’ll try him out.

I disagree, I don’t regret locking in Giannis at all & doubt I will. He’s an absolute Monster. I picked up PD LBJ this morning before I had to leave for work. I haven’t even had a chance to use him yet😢. If he goes down to 400k, I might have overpaid (605k), but I don’t care. When people see those 2 coming they’ll start sweating immediately. Then I’ll either get equalized or force a rage quit😂.

I did not express myself correctly. Substitute bad with expensive :smile:

:thinking:Ahh, now it’s all starting to make sense. Lol

mine just sold for 560k smh, should’ve took the advice and put him up yesterday

Holy shit he’s under 600k?! What’s the 98 going for? The market is going to be so foreign to me when I get on Sunday after 5 weeks off… Haha.