PD Lebron James price after packs- UP or DOWN?

So after about 2 million VC, I finally pulled PD LBJ. He is closing at around 480,000 MT (PS4) currently. Does he increase after he is out of packs? I think that even though we have good SFs pending, the answer is YES, since PD Lebron can use his HOF Dimer to set up PD KD and Bird on the catch and shoot 3s with their HOF shooting badges. What do you guys think?

HOLD or SELL PD Lebron (I am not a Lebron fan so I am selling him either way; question is just when?)

Hell yes

Ya hold this card, mj only has gone up and this lebron can potentially have a duo w/ miami wade

I wouldn’t hold shit this year.


Super packs 2


What’s lebrons price on Xbox rn?

Naked sold for 447k, one w/ contract sold for 457k

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can lbj play the 4?

Good looks homie

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Wait I’m sorry, but u spent 2 mil VC just to sell him?


I just kept thinking, “Ok this next 20 box will have to have him,” and the box would be ok, enough to make some MT but no Bron and so I thought, “Ok that wasn’t an L, let’s go for another ride, next time we got him.”

Just gambling pretty much and always figuring next pack would help me cut my losses and I am due for a pull.

And I am just NOT a Lebron fan. Not a hater in general as I am a fan of KD, AD, PG13, Kawhi, Tatum, etc. I dislike a few cats and LBJ just happens to be one of them. But that does not mean that I am above buying his Anniv pack and trying to scalp a card or two here and there.

O ok, no shade I was just wondering why not save, I’m guessing u must be loaded in VC

I also have a question

I put White Kobe AD MID on him. He’s an excellent shooter but I feel like I could play even better with him with a speed with ball shoe like Red Kobe or Kyrie’s

Does anyone run him with those? I need advice

Get Sabonis and put him to bench. This is my advice :cold_face:

I am. He’s not Magic with red kyries, but still top tier with the ball in his hands in terms of speed and control. He knocks down open 3s for me at very high rate with just open 3 Kerr boost, so red kyries if you want to drive a lot with him.

Yeah. Has 85 strength so he can hold his own

Too expensive for now