PD LeBron is an amazing card but PD Giannis is special

I have both. Even contemplated selling Giannis after I sold AD. But this Giannis card just feels like a glitch. How does he green so many deep threes? He dunks like a crazy person and his length combined with speed makes him great on both sides. If I had to be honest, Giannis is the more dominant card.

I agree

Giannis is unstoppable. Everything is perfect with him

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The one card i’m dying to snipe… . My unicorn

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Why u need both

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Wait about a day

I was going to replace Giannis for LBJ but I ended up pulling LeBron. So I’m going to keep both. And play Giannis off the bench as my main scorer and distributor.

Can someone please help me and give me advice on my team? The posting is not working for me

I’m pretty like the other users have said, you need to wait a day. What are you trying to post?

I have waited a day

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There is so much I could say here…but I’ll let this live

Different type of player imo, both are great

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I think that the pippen is better than both. Best defensive card in the game, splash from 3, can speedboost, amazing passer and finisher for me. Only weakness is rebounding and still averages 3-6 rebounds a game for me

Definitely different type of player. But both can run the 1-4 positions and distribute. I just feel that Giannis’ animations are extremely cheesy and his ability to consistently shoot the 3 on top of his defense makes him the more dominant card. LBJ is definitely elite. But impact per card I feel that Giannis is the one.

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Feel free to share! There’s nothing personal here haha. Just an opinion.


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O this is true, I just feel like the higher strength on lebron allows him to play multiple style other then giannis who is mainly a tall slasher

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My ranking for best auctionable cards would be

  1. Pd Pippen
  2. Pd Lebron
  3. Pd Paul George
  4. Pd Nique
  5. Pd Giannis

85 strength is a game changer, it neutralizes all those elite defender when he backs them down