PD Kyrie Defensive Shoe And Contract 12 hours PS4

Amazing card. Very underrated. Wish I didn’t have to sell but I’m
Making the push for Magic

Damn ima miss Kyrie. Ima buy him back if I don’t land a magic

Why don´t you just pick up Lillard? Basically the same card (except Lillard can dunk) for so much less MT.


I considered Lillard

Like 20 min left

Can you check on the price of DeRozan with red Kyries? It should end in about an hour or so. So if you are on console at that time, maybe you can look how it ends? Btw, what is the price of your card right now and what will he end up going for? Lillard is a perfect substitution for Kyrie imo.

Kyrie is at 726

ill check your card when I get out the shower

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Thanks man. If you have some extra MT lying around and the price for him is reasonable, is it possible for you to go get him for me? I would buy him from you later, like tomorrow or smth when I have sold my own DeRozan and something else if necessary. I would pay the extra for the transaction fee so you would not lose anything. But first we need to see where his price will go. He was with a D contract also, right? Cant remember.

It’s at 125

I can’t I’m literally about to walk out the door

How much time left?

25 min

Ok thanks!