PD Kristaps Porzingis is the worst PD in the game

mind = blown at how nerfed this card is. Can always count on him to brick open corner 3’s for me and miss pick and fades. Soft like charmin also, gets boxed out easily. Worst PD by far

My Amy jsmoove gave him 23 and 12. I agree he’s softer than baby shit.

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Nah, Ball is the worst PD in the game, he’s a PD with high intangibles, he’s probably an amethyst, there are a ton of amethyst even some rubies with more total stats than him, the only good thing he has is HOF dimer out of that he’s bad in game

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I hate playing against that KP he never misses and on the rare occasion he does he grabs his own rebound.

KP is such a consistently shooter, good defender and does everything I ask of him, he’s a great card, for sth that’s free.

Don’t exaggerate. The worst PD is probably Lonzo or Rose.