PD Kobe HOF range posted ps4

Posted him for 4 hours. He has hof range and hot start Best card I’ve ever used. I scored 70 with him in one game this morning.

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Dang, wish I had 450K+ mt

You mean 850k right? Lol

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Well it’s crazy expensive without hof range

Ya he’s selling for 800k as it is. I hope to get a million

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Holy shot

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Dang you gon make bank

What’re you gonna spend it on

Not sure yet. I assume we’ll get some better cards soom

The first guy I would buy is durant unless you already have him then save yer mt

Ya I gave Durant. He’s just been ok for me.

Do you got pd pg

Ya I’ll for sure buy Kobe back. He is still an unstoppable card when he is driving

I’m happy you coming up off some idiot. But to the idiot with the bid…

Why? You do realize Gold is MORE than good enough right? lol

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Well I used both. I can tell you that the hof made a massive difference but not that amount

Can’t bring myself to sell… he is the best card I’ve played w.

Hzh, range, corner, deep fades, breakstarter, etc

So good.


Just sell it. He will perform the same with the gold versions. Get your 1.6mil and buy a regular one


Enjoy my friend, Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:. You made my day.