PD Klay moments alert

17 pts 1st quarter aint even ova.

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ah shit, here we go again


It feels like one of those games the way he’s shooting right now.

Unless he’s crossing people over or playing mad defense, not sure how they can upgrade Klay’s current cards. He already has almost perfect shooting ratings/badges



Curry can have a gold moments card so far :cold_face:

If they boost his of ability to shoot off dribble and give him any type of agility he might be the best card in the game. he might be the best card in the game. He’ll be a cheat code.

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There’s already JR who has way better overall animations.
Can’t see Klay being better.

Good start selling your Klays for Bin so I get one.

If Lou Williams get locked down today maybe we get a Klay. HOF Defensive Stopper…

Lou is playing really good and Klay is not his defender at all. He just shot over KD after 3 fakes lmao. That ‘expected’ Klay will most likely be a tb playoff card.

I can see them giving him hedo like handles and add a little bit of dunking. The pd is super slept on. He’s already a super sneaky dunker, and the only real issue is his abilty to create his own shot. He’d be a huge moneymaker coming off the no sales weekend. I mean really thats all then can boost on Klay.

I don’t think they’ve ever changed animations on players that have signature jumpshots or moves.

I don’t think a Klay moments card can replace PD Durant or Bird in my lineup

Yay :grin: First quarter hype thread curse will be in full effect lol


Anyone think shai gets a card?