PD Klay Badging?

I got the grey Jordans and Coach is D’Antoni.

For badging, I am thinking:

Pick and Roll Maestro
Pick Pocket

What else?

I went with Dimer, Acrobat, pick pocket, Bruiser, relentless finisher, posterizer
The PD already has pick and roll but thinking about adding rim protector
Also have the black lebrons with D’Antoni

I have the same badges as you, but went with rim protector over pick pocket, because of his low steal rating.

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Pick Pocket
Rim Protector
Hustle Rebounder
Brick Wall

Grey Jordans for SWB and D’antoni

I haven’t had much of a chance to play with him yet. Is the low steal that noticable? Sometimes if you’re in the right position it gives you the rip anyways.
I’ll probably switch badges around depending on trial and error

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I haven’t been able to even use him yet. Got him late last night, but I wanted to share my reasoning behind the badge decisions. Lol

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I got D’Antoni and black LeBrons for:

Driving Layup
Moving 3
Passing accuracy

Badges so far: Posterizer, Pick pocket, Acrobat.