PD Kidd?

For those who have him is he good? And worth locking? Those HOF badges are tempting…

Not looking to shoot with my point Guard so the slow ass release won’t bother me

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Does he brick?

Okay better question did any of you guys lock him in?

No one? Lol

He is cheap enough for me to lock in, but when you can get magic for 85k there is 0 reason to spend 400k+ on a shorter point guard who will shoot much worse


That’s what I’m thinking, id only have to spend like 200k for him but magic got that height tho

Bro why you get me excited? I thought this read Pd KD


Lol you not see the 2 D’s and the I

Nah I’m hungover

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I use him as my bench pg, hes my best defender. Ive had so many ppl inbound with their sg because of it. Ive made so many 8 sec back court violations with me coming up with him on the opponent. His 3 shot is terrible, his mid standing is terrible. Moving shots are fine and he rarely gets blocked on layups.

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