PD Kevin Durant

feels like a true pink diamond card
walking bucket from 3, mid & at the rim
crazy animations as always
consistently making lightly contested felt like hof drd
he’s one of those players with a nuclear takeover
hof difficult shots was very effective for moving shots
good defender with height & wingspan
handles like a 1 but i run him at 3 (can run 1-4)
very good in tto

this card’s price should go up (240-280k rn)

d antoni / red kobes = sharp/shot takeover


I AGree what ur saying about his value but it depends what we get This week. A anniversary card or an epic throwback card would crash it



too early let me get him first :sleepy::rofl:

Yee kd a beast snatched him up 4 240k dnt regret it 1 bit

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KD or Smooth Kuz?

He’s up to 385k clean on ps4 now :joy:

What about dirty ones ?


Does he shoot from Deep as good as Granger or Hedo? I haven’t used a KD card in any 2k ever because I struggle with his release, but I’m gonna buy this card and practice with him.

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I paid 270ish for mine. Got him 5:30 this morning. Came with 90 contracts I believe. if that’s the case, I’ll throw mine back up and get another one late night

Almost 600k (the snake version)


The 20th Anniversary KD must be right around the corner. That’s why he has no HOF DrD LR.

Expect an upgrade sooner than later. Just my opinion.


I can’t see a reason to get this kd when within the next 4 weeks we will get a better one making this one prolly like 150k

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1 month is enough to recover 200k MT, and a lot of time playing. If you play more than 2 hours per day everyday it’s not a mt loss imo.


Cards that I know are getting upgrades I have zero interest in, I’d rather have different cards that I know won’t be getting upgrades and invest in them, I hate how end game teams are always the same, Lebron kobe kd ad then some center who has a stupid three point rating, rather run some legends that most people won’t start


Besides the HOF badges the new KD looks like a walking bucket. I don’t have the MT to cop but I snatched one of the diamonds off the auction house with shoes and contract for 83K. Is this a W or an L?

As long as ancard produces for you that is what determines if it’s a w or L


But the question is did I overpay and do you think I could sell back for more later?

Well, these are different reasons. I’m agree with you in that, every team is the same at the end of the cycle. It’s so much fun to run other players, there is too many players to play with!

But… I think the price and market fluctuation are not a problem if we are talking about getting a not end-game card. If you like Durant you want to get it, and 3 or 4 weeks using the PD over Diamond it’s a lot of time if you play a lot.
For other part, I don’t pick that Durant because I have 440k MT left and I want to grind for that OG Shaq.

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That Shaq will be the only card that might be better than wilt