PD KD Tmr?

Possible? That’s his playoff career high I believe. While Curry and Klay really struggled tonight, KD carried this game. Great W, sweep incoming?

Sweep, yes. PD KD, after the series for finals MVP.

I wouldn’t get my hopes up. They would probably save a PD for the Finals MVP. I’m expecting a dynamic duo added to his 96 diamond. Most likely with that new Curry.


Take my money 2k

Good. This is the biggest reason why I didn’t lock that Clutch Closer Set. He’ll be even more godly at 4 with boosted strength and rebounding

I really hope so. I want the 98

The 98 was a god already… But they disrespected his defense. If his size get that hof def stopper and the stats upgrades… best card ever imo.

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Not much difference you’ll feel in game. My 98 still never gets abused defensively he rarely misses

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So now I wait. I have the 98 already so either its really OP and I go for it (I have around 1M) or then I enjoy the market crash

Yesssss!!! Market crash come to meeeeee

Welp. 2K knows how to take my money. Release Diamond Steph and Iggy followed by a PD KD.

Just sold my whole team minus iggy and Lebron lol

I’m tempted to sell my AK47 w/ Curry Lows… but he’s so good. :frowning:

Ima but steph back tomorrow morning or something but this Durant might be a PD and if so I’ll need him

I don’t see how he’s not a PD. Anything less is complete bullshit. It is 2k though… we’ll see!

I easily could see them dropping the exact thunder Durant card but in a warriors jersey

That’d be so fucking lame. Seems like a total 2K move!

I’ll take it as I fucks wit the warriors

Plus he could DD with steph and give steph more defense and Durant a 99 three ball