PD Kd inbound

Lmfaoo snake got finals mvp again


Where’s my ruby/ amy Rodney Hood though?

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Smh I don’t wanna face a kd with defensive stopper

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Or HoF Rim Protector lol

watch 2k give him hof dimer lmfao

Honestly dreading the game that I have to play against PD Giannis and KD. Fuck.

I could use a free PD KD via locker code

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ohhhhh dont tease me

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Ooohhhh, I could see this happening

I’m salty af but shit a free kd would be dope af

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did they release finals MVP after the game last year or the next day?

I heard someone say it was the next day but who knows since tomorrow is Saturday and 2K doesn’t work weekend

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