Pd KD future price?

Got him for 400k a few days ago. I know I may take a little loss at some point on his price but I’m okay with paying a rental fee for him because he’s a beast! But how low could this card get? Will he ever be a bin? Or is he a good investment?

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At most he will take a 100K hit when super packs come. If 2K decides to have a super pack.

What is KD’s current price? I’m about to sell

Consistently going for around 380-450k. Some more, some less. Just depends when u post

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Thanks man. Damn that’s cheap
Considering that I got him for 520K

If they do release super packs, I hope it drops Kobe’s price drastically. I wanna get him for under 200k.

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Yeah I don’t like investing 400k into 1 card but he is the rolls royce of sf’s

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Yeah kobe will surely drop!

Sweet. That’ll make up for me spending 620k on KD.

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Yeah KD is great but I’m missing some full bars with him.

Yeah KD was very expensive back then.
Sad to see him around 450K

It’s crazy how cheap anniversary players are compared to promo guys like TMac. Hopefully that means KG will be under 400k

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I mean even Galaxy opal KD would miss at some points too haha. Not really a reason to sell imo. For me he is cash, especially on fast break pull ups

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He would be my new pf if he had an opal.

Yeah man. Anniv players becoming cheap :pensive:
I ddn’t invest on them I only got KD&Bird.

Bird will not be leaving however I’m kinda disappointed on KD.

If they change KG’s jumper, he will be expensive since he is an all around bigman

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I’m about to grind TTO Offline for the rest of the month. 6 tokens. So I’m about to sell my auctionable cards (Melo/KD etc)

My tt lineup is bird/KD/Anni giannis :sweat_smile:. I have other players I coukd use but this lineup I’ve found is OP and just so damn fun!

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Giannis is locked but bird and KD I coukd sell. I just can’t bring myself to sell them

Yeah you should have fun! That’s the point

My KD sold yesterday for 340k… :frowning: to rub salt into the wound, my PD MJ didn’t even crack 400k… went for 380k. 2K fucked me hard yesterday.

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OMG man. I’m planning to sell KD & Melo :pensive: