PD KAT Codes?

So tomorrow?

Before the weekend starts, today.

Nah, follow before the weekend, to be prepared for code tommorrow.

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But when though? Usually the drop codes in like 40 minutes, so could this come at any time during the day?

Yeah, that seems more plausible.

and a diamond KAT is ready for all of us!

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For 5 of us or you. Lol.

If they release a PD KAJ or Wilt today, KAT will be pretty cheap anyway after today. Still going to keep him for his 96 open 3.

WOW. I passed on a diamond contract KAT for BIN before work… sounds like I dodged a bullet

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I’d love PD Wilt.


I hope the code will be for the diamond and all the panic sellers will be fucked. They should get rid of those stupid codes.

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I’m so bored of Hakeem, I’m already selling the PD. He’s no different than the Diamond with Curry’s. Now, if I can snag a cheap PD KAT… That’d be a win :slight_smile:

What y’all think it’ll start with? Karlt- ?

Get ready for Diamond Kat lol

Kat32- ?

Maybe Towns- ?

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will be for Sapphire KAT

EQ GOD Sapphire KAT!


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Posted today, so I’m guessing we’re getting the codes tomorrow. Today will probably just be a new player added into the game.